Cornish Seascape Photographs

Cornish seascape photographs, like my paintings, are one of my great loves down here in Cornwall. The different changes in the weather and terrain are a great source of inspiration. Living and working in Cornwall for many years, I love its rugged beauty.

Especially most noteworthy, is the fact that most of Cornwall is on the Atlantic coast. Which In my opinion is the reason Its probably the best coastline in the country.

Having worked on ships and oil rigs for most of my life, I have a true affinity with the sea.

I also enjoy sailing which furthermore reflects my passion for the sea, as a result hope this comes across in my paintings and photographic artwork.

I get immense pleasure taking seascape photographs, trying to capture the power and majesty of the sea which can never be tamed.

Seascape Photography

Cornish Seascape photographs by Steve Waumsley, -  images that capture the imagination. A walk along the coast, on a beach or on boat, photographs that remind you the memorable events in your life, to hang on your home or office as wall art.

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